Tipping Tour Guides Peru – Travel tip

    TIPPING TOUR GUIDES – FULL DAY TOURS This is one area where tipping will generally always be expected, but again, please only tip if you feel your tour guide has done a good job. As a general rule of thumb, a tour guide will anticipate getting S/. 35.00 – S/. 40.00 or $10-$15 […]

The land of the Incas

At 11,200 feet above sea level, Cusco is the heart of Tahuantinsuyo, Perus´s pre Colombian Empire. Cusco today is the oldest continuously inhabited city in South America, a fascinating and colorful paradox of the past and the present.Explore Cusco visiting the Temple of the Sun, The Cathedral and the immense walled complex of Sacsayhuaman. Shop […]