The Lost City – Colombia


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As an example, please find our itinerary. One important thing, because we managed to do the first 4 days with a relatively good pace and because the weather let us do so, we managed to spend the morning of day 5 at the Alfredo waterfall. This is normally not included in the tours but it’s on the way, so ask your guide if you can go there, it’s not just a waterfall, it’s an amazing experience.

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Day by Day Itinerary

Type Service: Privately Guided
Itinerary: Fixed
Destinations: Lost City
Activities: Trekking and Walking,Cultural and History,Family

Day 1

We leave from Santa Marta at 10am
We get to Machete Pelado where the trek starts after 2 hours of jeep
A good lunch there and we’re off for a 4 hour walk
On the way, we spend some time swimming in the natural pools
We get to camp Alfredo at the end of the afternoon
We sleep in hammocks after watching Colombia and Argentina draw in the Copa America under Alfredo’s porche

Day 2

We leave camp Alfredo at 10am
Only a 3 hour walk today. Good as it hasn’t really stopped raining today
On the way, we meet Manuel, the leader of the Mutanji Village
At the end of the walk, we get to Teyumake, a large Kogis’ village where we meet Romaldo, the Shaman
We sleep in comfy beds in a camp near Teyumake

Day 3

We start at 7am after a good breakfast as we hope to make it to the Lost City in the afternoon if the weather let us do so
we cross the Buritaca river using a human powered cart hanging on a rope
It takes us a good 5 hours to get to Teyuna, the base camp for the Lost City and also where we are going to sleep tonight
A quick lunch and we’re on our way to the Lost City
After a 90 minutes climb, we finally get there, the result is not disppointing
We meet with the army folks there, they are definitly bored waiting for a few tourists a day
We sleep in comfy beds after celebrating a group member’s birthday with some rum

Day 4

Another early start as we want to get to camp Alfredo tonight
This is toughest walk, a good 8 hours at a good pace too
Again we cross the river and pass the same villages we saw earlier
Back to Alfredo and our hammocks, we’re knackered but we will get our reward, tomorrow morning we’re off to Alfredo waterfall
A few beers and we’re off to sleep

Day 5 

We get up at 8am and go straight to the Alfredo waterfall
After a 30 min walk, we get there, we climb down the waterfall, go underneath the main cascade, jump off cliffs, swim, and then climb up the waterfall, truly amazing!
Back to the camp for a well deserved breakfast
And then a 3 hour walk to get back to Machete Pelado and our last lunch together
2 and a bit more hours of jeep later, we’re back in Santa Marta
Now off to Taganga for a good steak and some time off by the sea

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